Our Vision and Mission

Vision and Mission for the future.


It is the mission of Covenant Restoring Ministries to make connections that count.


CONNECTING believers with one another in Christ-like communication sharing, and love (FELLOWSHIP) Acts 2:21-24).
CONFORMING believers to the image of Jesus Christ through preaching, teaching and study the Word of God (Discipleship)Ephesians 4:12-13.
CONDITIONING the hearts of believers toward God through intimate relationship and communion (Worship) Hebrews 10:25.
COMMITING and CONTRIBUTION to the well being of all believers in the County of Shelby, TN and the world through Christ-Like service(MINISTRY) Matthew 25:35-40.
CONVEYING the message of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross to lost persons leading them to a relationship with Him as savior and Lord(EVANGELISM) Matthew 28:18-20.


It is the vision of Covenant Restoring Ministries To:
See the lost accept the salvation provided through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the Cross
Become a center for nurturing and empowering disciples of Jesus Christ to experience a deeper relationship with Him through the Holy Spirit and the teaching of the Word of God.
Provide services for the total person including but not limited to basic adult education, health education services, employment skill, life skills, etc.,
Encourage communication and interaction between people of all ages and races by emphasizing, honor, and respect.
Promote and facilitate Godly family development through the teaching and enforcement of biblical virtues and values.
Provide quality Christ Centered and faith affirming pre-school education through a child learning center.
Honor God and support the fulfillment of our Purpose through the use of our individual and collective financial resources as a 100% tithing Church who also gives cheerfully to the work of the ministry. .